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"Koda" Bear Warrior


Koda has a personality unlike any thing I have ever seen.  He definitely has to be in the spotlight. His favorite thing in the world is jumping up in your lap to be played with.  And believe me, when a 120 pound dog jumps in your lap, you have no choice but to play because you can't get up.  I have figured out that it is his way of keeping you in place so he can get all the kisses he wants.  And he always wants a lot.   



Koda is the traditional gray/white Malamute. He is the alpha of the pack. He usually doesn't put his foot down on the others unless there is a disagreement going on.  Then he puts his foot down hard.  He has a no fighting rule that the others learned real fast. .  

 In the pictures above he has his ears laid down but they are usually standing up.   As much as he loves to be in the spotlight, he's not much of a camera ham so getting good pictures of him are kinda hard to get.



          Koda loves to play with my oldest son Gordon!!      



More pictures coming soon!