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"Satin" After Midnight



Satin loves to goof off.  It is her favorite pastime.  She loves to play rolly polly.  She thinks playing consists of rolling over and over on the floor.   Satin also loves to talk.  When she gets wound up, you can't get her to shut up.  She will howl at anything.  Especially if she is in a playful mood.  



The pictures below are of Satin showing you that she really needs a nap after a big meal.



Satin is what is called a seal/white Malamute.  That means from a distance she looks black but up close you can see the white undercoat.  She is very beautiful.  She is on the bottom of the totem pole (so to speak) when it comes to the pack, due to her size (78 pounds).  Although she is 17 months old, I don't think she will be much bigger when she is mature.  I guess the way to put it is, Satin is real delicate or dainty.  She will never be as big as my other Malamutes.  But she can be a real tigress when it comes to the food bowl. 









More pictures coming soon!