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"Montana" Blaze of Glendale



Montana is a very sweet boy.  He loves to just lay around.  He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. Even toward the others in the pack.  He is almost as bad as Koda about wanting loving.  He will sit and stare at you while he howls until he finally gets some attention.   





Montana loves to run.  He gets in his moods where he will run for miles if you let him.  Taking him for walks can be a hand full if he is in the mood to run.  We just turn him loose.  He stays within sight and runs to his hearts content.


Montana is the traditional gray/white Malamute.  He weighs 105 pounds.  He will get a little bigger since he is only 17 months old.  Remember Malamutes don't mature out til they are two years old.  Montana's ears do not stand up.  They have never stood up.  It is not a genetic trait.  Some dogs ears just never stand up.  He will perk them up sometimes when we are talking to him but they never stay up.  To us it just adds to his personality. 


More pictures coming soon!