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Types of Alaskan Malamutes

  •  Kotzebue The Kotzebue line stemmed from Arthur Walden's dogs which were taken over by Milton and Eva Seeley when Mr. Walden went to Antarctica. The Seeleys' Chinnok Kennels in Wonalancet, New Hampshire was the best-known sled dog headquarters in the United States. Dogs for both of the Byrd Expeditions and for the United States Service Expedition (all to Antarctica) were trained and supplied by Chinook Kennels. The Seeleys deserve much of the credit for getting the AKC to recognize the Alaskan Malamute.


  • M'Loot Paul Voelker originated the M'Loot line that figures strongly in many pedigrees, including the foundation of Silver Sled Kennels that is behind most of the Alaskan Malamutes you may find in the Midwest. Although Voelker was interested in the same breed, he came up with a slightly different type of Alaskan Malamute but did not pursue AKC registration.


  • Hinman (or Hinman-Irwin) Strain This strain involved only a few dogs but made important contributions to breed quality. The Hinman line in combination with the M'Loot strain produced some of the best representatives of the breed. The Hinman strain also figured strongly in combination with M'Loot and Kotzebue in development of the "Husky-Pak" line, and produced many champion and foundation dogs for the breed.