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Beautiful "Teeka" Maiden


Teeka was 12 weeks old when these pictures were taken. This calf’s mother died having him. He became part of the family for a while. Every time it was time to feed him, Teeka thought she was supposed to have some also. They became real good friends. It wasn’t uncommon to find them curled up together. When it was time to put him back out to pasture, Teeka thought she wanted to go too.


The two pictures below are very funny. My son loved to tease her with his Robotic Dinosaur. It was the kind of robot that would follow you by your sound or movement.  Because of that, no matter what Teeka did, it would always be right behind her.  She thought it was a big monster that was going to eat her.

These pictures are of Teeka fully matured. She is such a beautiful girl.  She is the traditional gray/white Malamute.  She is so sweet natured and loves to play.  She is the most behaved of all our Malamutes. She weighs 90 pounds. Teeka is also the alpha female.  She sure keeps Satin in line.  Her and Koda are real close. I tell people they are my old married couple.  Where one is the other is always there also.